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 So we have been getting lots of questions and thought I could answer some of those here. 

Q: Are you crazy?! Is this even safe?!
A: Yes we are and yes it is safe! The backboards and wood chips on the ground will absorb any missed throws and as long as you follow the rules everything should go fine. 

Q: Is axe throwing more of a guys sport?
A: Heck no! Axe throwing is more technical than
brute strength. 

Q: What kind of shoes do I have to wear?

A: Closed toe shoes, no exceptions!  Shoes-of-shame available to rent.

Q: Is axe throwing hard?
A: Nope. Our staff will go over some quick techniques and you’ll be sticking the axe in about 10 min. 

Q: Do I have to wear flannel?
A: Wear what is comfortable. The only requirement is closed toed shoes. 

Q: What is the age range to throw axes?
A: No age minimum!  If you can pick up and axe, you can throw an axe!

Q: Can I bring my young kids?
A: Yes! There will be games, a couple of couches, and high top tables with chairs. Just please keep them away from the throwing line. 

Q: How do I make sure there is a target for me?
A: Reservations are recommended via our Facebook page. Walk ins are always welcome. 

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Not currently, but we are working on it. 

Q: Will there be food?
A: You can bring in your own food, have it delivered to Kick’n Axe, AND we will also be partnering with several food trucks on most Fridays and Saturday’s. 

Q: Do you allow team building and corporate events?
A: We are available! Just call!

Q: Are pictures and videos allowed?
A: Yes and we have lots of fun props!